Testimonials from Our Clients

Happy clients power our engines! Here’s what they have to say:

Janine St. Germain

Kit Latham has been the perfect team for me in crafting and maintaining an exemplary on line presence for my consulting business.  Thanks to their creative insights, generous hand holding, and open-ended brainstorming, along with focused SEO guidance and persistent encouragement for me to always see the “bigger picture,” I have taken leaps and have developed business in previously uncharted areas as a consulting archivist.  They are, without a doubt, my number one go-to support.

~ Janine St. Germain, Consulting Archivist

Robert Kushner

The work that Kit Latham did for me, both visible and behind the scenes, on three related websites was invaluable.  Before they began work on the sites, my information on the web was scattered and hard to find.  Now I have a structure in which to include new and updated information.  Through search engine optimization, a casual search presents my various websites first and allows visitors to get basic information directly from me.  The organization of the website, the graphics, and the approach all came from Kit Latham.  People are able to find me and direct questions to me on a frequent basis thanks to these sites.

~ Robert Kushner, Artist

Eduardo Duran

A few months ago I had let my website expire as I thought that it was outdated and interest in it had run its course.  Some synchronistic events ensued culminating with an email from Kit Latham letting me know that he was a website developer and would like to work with me on resurrecting the site.  I had conversations with him and even though I am somewhat literate on electronic media I quickly realized that I was way behind the times as Kit explained some of the aspects of his work.

Kit Latham was able to guide my not-so-up-to-date psyche into a new realm of possibilities.  Working close with me, interpreting what I was thinking, and making my ideas into real images and words on the website is truly an extraordinary gift that they bring to the world of website development.  I am amazed at the product that evolved out of our mutual collaboration and already I have had very positive responses to the site.  I honestly recommend Ghetto Squirrel without exception as they are able to read minds and interpret thoughts into real life media.

~ Eduardo Duran, PhD

Michael Lennox

When I started my website Dreaming Interpretation, I was just a guy writing a book.  Today, I’ve reached well over 1 million hits, tons of visitors every day and have shifted and changed the site many times to meet my growing needs.  What I mean is that Kit Latham has shifted and changed the site to meet my growing needs.  I couldn’t have done it without him!

~ Rev., Dr. Michael Lennox